Weather Spears Guide
provision 157/
cards quanity 25
Brouver Hoog

Order: Move a unit to the other row. If it's an enemy, damage it by 2; if it's an ally, boost it by 2.
Charge: 3.


Really quick guide, might flesh this out more but the idea is pretty simple. Place weather on both rows and keep at least one enemy unit ticking down as long as possible. Spears keep the DOT ticking.

  • R1 - Throw down a weather as soon as an enemy unit is played. Both rows should have weather. Keep your opponents units planted on weathered rows with your movement cards. One spear on the board is usually sufficient. Go for the win, usually shouldn't be too difficult.
  • R2 - Dry Pass
  • R3 - Plays like R1 but try to line up Dragon's dream+Nivellen as your finisher. Shilil is nice in R3 but not completely needed.
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