provision 166/
cards quanity 25
Princess Adda

Order: Damage a unit by 8.

This is the deck I used to climb proladder after the "artifact nerf". At the time I'm writing this I'm rank 3 on proladder. I climbed exclusively with artifact decks, so if it's not your cup of tea feel free to stop reading, close this tab, erase deck from your memory etc. Sorry for my bad englando - not a native speaker.
For all the 3 and a half people that are left I will write a mini guide. This guide applies not only to this deck but to all the other lists I will be publishing shortly. So I basically used the same 12 card core for each one - artifacts, epi scorch and witchers and added some faction specific cards to each one. Your win condition is not dropping witchers as a last play or Hubert Adda combo, your win condition is having last say in round 3.
So the gameplan is simple - win round 1 drypass round 2. If you are playing second, play your cards until you can't pass your opponent with 2 plays, don't even bother to bluff. When you're playing first it's kinda tricky. Aim to use board wipe as your fifth play and then play the highest tempo availible, while using t-bolts and 5 point buff on you minions. If you think they will be ahead on even cards after your next play it's time to pass. Don't be afraid to use your leader, witchers, hubert to win r1 - last say is that important. Play order is - artifacts, spells, small minions, big minions. Don't follow it too strictly, there are a lot of situations when you should play, let's say, your spells before your first artifact, or to play big points before small ones. Understandg how to play comes with practice. Always mulligan for at least one of your big tempo swings (hubert, witchers) and for at least one board clear. When using epi scorch the rule is - be greedy, but not too greedy. For example if they drop witchers roach as their 1st play and don't disalign their power that's a good enough epi and you should take it.
The worst deck to face with this one is Big monsters either Woodland or Eredin double ciri version, so if your local meta is just these 2 decks - play something else. Good luck climbing.

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