Hungry Monsters (delete me)
provision 162/
cards quanity 25
Arachas Queen

Whenever an allied unit is destroyed during your turn, Spawn an Arachas Drone and Summon it to a random allied row.


Round 1 :  use Ge'els as soon as you can and start with big Golyat. Continue with the strategy of Deathwish using Harpies and Foglets, use Vran if you can. Drowner is important to block some enemies and Archeospore to make some hits, especially if double used with deathwish. You may use also Prosperity with these two.

If it is not enought it's time to power hits with Ritual Sacrifice and Cyclops/Rotfiend combo.(+5 / -8). If you are losing your Golyat replace it with Griffin, but you can use it with any other 1 spore.

Round 2: It's time for Ghoul, Ozzrel and Glustyworp, if you fail with these big guys you can use Renew as last reserve. Use Glustyworp in combo with Frightener... and that's all! Iris defends if it needs.

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