Malena's Duty
provision 162/
cards quanity 25
Brouver Hoog

Order: Move a unit to the other row. If it's an enemy, damage it by 2; if it's an ally, boost it by 2.
Charge: 3.


Start with Vrihedd Vanguard. Use Dwarven Agitators with Marauders only in the first and second round.

To hit use Vrihedd Brigades, than Dragoons and Malena (at last of all). Make combo with Sentries and the charges of Brouver.

Use Nivellen and Skaggs in the end of a round.

The idea of the deck is to promote one dwarf defender or Eskel every round, but also together for secure victory.

Use Yrden and spores to control enemy power in the end of a round near Mahakam Horn.

Ale of Ancestors is your mainful way to promote your units, don't lose it!

Ciaran and Spalla are more useful with Sentries.

Good Luck!

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