Revenant's Deck with Foltest
provision 162/
cards quanity 25
King Foltest

Order: Boost an ally by 1 and give it Zeal.
Charge: 3.


This deck is a simple "Zeal deck" using Revenants, Blue Stripes, Witchers and Trebuchets: you have 15 gold cards and 10 bronze. Bronze ones are recyclables from cemetery. Pavetta helps in this way. Sabrina is an important chance to prevent auto-boosting enemy cards, like Magne Divisions of Nilfgaard but also causes a good damage.


1. Blue Stripes combo,

2. Witchers combo,

3. Trebuchets, Botchling, Necromancy and Reinforcements.

4. Revenant combo with Vincent Meis and Sabrina, and Medics, and Ronvid.

5. Prize-winnig Cow combo with Ves.

6. Anna Stranger in combo with Foltest or Medics.

SUGGESTIONS: Prince Willelm, Royal Decree and Draug can be good improvements.

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