Aglais Garrison Control
provision 166/
cards quanity 25
Francesca Findabair

Order: Play a special card from your graveyard.


This is a control deck with a boosted Aglais wincon.This deck plays off of the fact that 15/25 of the cards are special cards, and leverages boost effects on Sage, Farseer, and Sarah; as well as damage effects on Johnny. There is plenty of lock and reset, as well as damage/spot-removal and artifact hate. No units other than Aglais have power equal to 2 in order to maximize Marching Orders. If you already have Aglais in-hand, the next cards you would play with Marching Orders are Johnny, Sarah, or Sage; followed by Farseer, Ithlinne Aegli, and Morenn.

The goal of this deck is to control the board during first round while simultaneously boosting and damaging with special card synergies. During or before the third round, cast Garrison at some point. Then recast it with Franchesca on your final turn when you play Aglais. Thunder Potions can also help make that deploy boost on Aglais even more powerful. Try to cast Ithlinne Aegli before Aglais in order to get an additional 8 boost.

Sage makes a good secondary card to boost as it gets an extra 2 with every special card cast.

*Edit* Consider replacing Spores with Dol Blathanna Archers if you don't need to reset boosted enemy units, and would like more units of your own. Dol Blathanna Archers are a 5-Provision, >2 Power unit which maintains synergy with Marching Orders.

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