Tibor buff calveit
provision 167/165
cards quanity 25
Jan Calveit

Order: Look at the top 3 cards from your deck and play one.


Hello my first deck here, I dont know whether this archetype is new or not, i havent checked, anyways let me introduce this quite fun to play combo.

This is very vulnerable vs machines or any control so u gotta pull eskel vesemir lambert + roach at specific occasions, after all, practice makes perfect.

assire var anahid is good when they put 1 of your card into graveyard(or you can just recycle roach) but you can experiment with avallach and decoy instead(probably decoy because usurper kinda counters the last draw from calveit's order)

The main point is to completely cycle the deck (+ we have 2x vicovaro novice if by chance we get unlucky draw, i get the feeling that just one is enough) and pull off the combo albrich on tibor + yen+xarth+vilgefortz

sad that i cannot afford to put dandelion there and play emhyr for more buff but whatever. Perhaps with a bit of thought you could reorganize it(quite possibly into voorhan deck with more offensive build+daerlan soldiers)

hint*pull Isabel when opponent passes so u can draw a card(then you don't need avalach)

-btw i run infiltrators instead of spotters due to recent patch they swapped their power 4-5 (thought u need to be careful and play them rn2)

U need some brain to play this but i bet it can be improved upon

I know this might not be competitive enough i just liked the idea of the last 3 turns

Lemme know your thoughts and ideas


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