Eist Tempo
provision 168/165
cards quanity 25
Eist Tuirseach

Order: Play a Warrior from your graveyard.


Eist tempo deck can actually be top tier once you stop trying to force yourself to play and build around a bad card like Hemdall.

This deck wants to win round 1 if possible because it likes playing three separate rounds to make full use of Cerys. Bleeding in r2 is often correct depending on matchup. This version thins to 1 card, so you can resurrect Skald once if opponent doesn't thin any cards for you.

Flex slots: Royal Decree, Pirate Captain, Caldwell, Marauders || Potentially replace with: Roach, Lacerate, Veteran, Bomb Heaver, Flaminica

EDIT Jan 11: Switched back to Roach instead of Witchers, so that we could get enough provisions to run Bomb Heaver and Savage Bears over Wolf Packs (helpful for Freya).

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